PADI Certification

When you become a PADI diver, you join the largest community in the world for ocean change. With a network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts,128,000 professional members and over 29 million certified divers to date, we have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize millions of PADI Torchbearers to save the ocean.

In our mission to safeguard our blue planet, the PADI community with PADI AWARE Foundation is turning the tide on ocean change, but this is just the beginning.

Discover Mermaid


The Discover Mermaid™experience
introduces simple mermaid activities in confined water (i.e., a pool or place with
pool-like conditions), shallow enough in which to stand. It is designed as a flexible,
informative, enjoyable, and controlledexperience centered on letting you discover what it’s like to mermaid dive.

Padi Discover Mermaid Requirements

Phases, Price, & Packages

The PADI Discover Mermaid
experience consists of two
introductory phases:

Price and includes :

Basic Mermaid


The PADI Basic Mermaid™ course combines
learning supporting knowledge and
principles with a confined water skill
development session to introduce the fun of
fundamental mermaid diving. The course
covers mermaid diving’s background and
culture, primary safety considerations,
equipment and basic water skills.

Padi Basic Mermaid Requirements

Phases, Price, & Packages

The PADI Basic Mermaid
course consists of two
phases :

Price and includes :



The PADI Mermaid™ course includes knowledge development and at least two water skill sessions that develop more dynamic mermaid skills beyond Basic Mermaid™, including many skills that make mermaiding an underwater self-expressive art, separate from other types of diving. (Note that the PADI Mermaid course includes Basic Mermaid, so you can start with PADI Mermaid – there is no need to take Basic
Mermaid separately)

Padi Mermaid Requirements

The Padi Mermaid Course Has Two Phases

Price & Packages

Advanced Mermaid


In the PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course, you’ll build on your PADI Mermaid
™ certification and apply it to the open water environment. You’ll learn the basics of how
the open water environment differs from a pool or
confined water (larger, deeper, more variable
conditions) and be introduced to open water
mermaiding techniques. You’ll also learn about aquatic
life – what to expect, how it can affect you, and how you avoid harm.

Padi Advance Mermaid Requirements

The Padi Advance Mermaid Course
Consists Of Three Main Phases

Package & Price