Mermaid Retreat

Reset your mind and embark on a journey of self-love with this once-in-a-lifetime retreat with Island Mermaids in beautiful Bali. Combining mermaiding, the ocean, breath workshops, island hopping, and working with the moon; you will nurture your mind, body and soul and learn to embrace your inner mermaid goddess.


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Mermaid Photography

Have you ever wanted the experience of being a mermaid? Wearing a tail can be a fun experience, empowering, and creative! Let us give you a photo shoot experience you’ll never forget!

Underwater Photography

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Kids Parties

Mermaid fun for kids parties, spend an hour in the pool as a mermaid and make your childhood dream come true. During an Bali Mermaid Party, you’ll learn how to use a mermaid tail, play games, learn flirty mermaid tricks!


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Luxury & Corporate Event

Mermaid provides a variety of visually stunning options for weddings, celebration and special event entertainment. She provides the best in performance, special effects, makeup, props and costumes for every occasion. Be it big or small, Mermaid is the one-stop-shop to make your event unforgettable!

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